Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayer and Small Things (PrayerLife)

Olentangy Indian Caverns, Ohio

Someone told me: "I know God has big things ahead for me to do."

My thought for them was: "God's got a lot of small things ahead for you." 

Does God distinguish between "big things" and "small things," a "big calling" and a "small calling?"

Every act of obedience is significant. In God's economy there's neither bigness nor smallness. It's important not to view the activity of God in these ways. Because from a GPOV (God-point-of-view) what appears to us as not a big deal could be a game-breaker. Seemingly small events from our POV can start a Reformation.

Look at things this way. "Prayer" is talking with God about what God and I are doing together. In prayer-listening God will give us marching orders. "Go here," "Do this," "Follow me this way." As we obey, we're sheep following our Shepherd. At this point the words "big" or "small" matter nothing. It's all about discipleship, and disciples trust and obey and follow.

God's got some things ahead for you. They will be good and it will go well with you. Pray for discernment and direction. Listen. Follow.