Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Obedience is "Doing" with a God-Purpose

Monroe - Beneath the Monroe Street bridge

One of our RMS students shared today that he is beginning to understand prayer. "So many people," he said, "think that prayer is doing nothing, and that a person always needs to be doing something."

I upside-downed this and said: "Actually, doing something without prayer (without a deeper reason for doing it) is "doing nothing." A lot of this world's "doing" is without rhyme, reason, or meaning.

Relevant "doing" comes out of "being." For a Jesus-follower this is then referred to as "obedience." Obedience is doing with a God-purpose. It is relevant and authentic; it has a rationale. We get our God-instructions about what we are to do from a life of conversation with God (= "prayer").