Monday, October 22, 2012

A Night of Intercessory Prayer

Linda and I and our Worship Arts Ministry will be in Redeemer's sanctuary this Wednesday, October 24, 7 PM, to lead in an evening of intercessory prayer.

All are invited to join us.

To "intercede," in prayer, is to appeal to God on behalf of other people, families, communities, churches, and nations. Biblically, intercession is sometimes viewed as an "agonizing struggle." We see this in Colossians 2:1, where Paul writes to the Colossian Jesus-followers that, even though he has never met them, he "struggles" before God on their behalf.

The word "struggle: here is the Greek word agon. We get our English cognates "agony" and "agonizing" from this word. Sam Storms, in commenting on this verse, writes: “Intercession [praying for someone else, before God] is a battle, an agonizing war that demands concentration, effort, and sustained devotion.”

If you have a request you would like us to intercede for this Wednesday please submit it to me by e-mail -