Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days with Jesus (An Invitation to Join Me)

Maple Tree, in Monroe, MI
(Note: If you have sent me an e-mail and plan on joining me for this I'll be sending you information when the time comes.)

“Not one of the adults we interviewed said that their goal in life was to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ or to make disciples.”
- George Barna, Growing True Disciples, 3

Since converting from a life of practical atheism and weak (uninformed) deism 42 years ago my life, both experientially and academically, has been a long, exhilarating Christological adventure. I was truly captured by Christ, and was freed from a life of drug and alcohol abuse.

I began to study Him, about Him, and what it meant to follow after Him. Importantly for me, one of my doctoral qualifying exams was on ancient Christology, so even during my Ph.D studies in philosophical theology I was able to invest deeply in ongoing Jesus-studies.

Today, years later, Christ remains central to my life and being. I invest much time in knowing about Him and knowing Him. During this Christmas season I'm going to ramp it up and invite you to join me for "31 Days with Jesus."

During this Christmas season I am going to focus on Jesus, in my studies and in my prayer & devotional life. I am inviting you to join me this 31-day experience. It will begin with an 1 ½ hour meeting on Sunday night, Nov. 25, 6 PM; it will end on Christmas Day.

During the 31 days I will send a daily post that I write on Jesus that will take you deeper into a knowledge of Him. I’ll be posting more detailed information on my website (

If you want to join me please let me know (talk with me personally or send me an e-mail). I am praying that this Christmas will be more meaningful than ever as we focus together on the Real Jesus!

You can do this online with me. My Nov. 25 teaching will be available online (my 1-hour teaching on Basic Christology.

If you are a pastor or Christian leader I'd love to have your church or group join me in this, and make Jesus the center of your Christmas discussions.


PERSONAL COST: Your commitment to invest in "31 Days with Jesus."