Monday, October 15, 2012

Fireless Administration Quenches Passion for Jesus.

The River Raisin, from our backyard

George Barna wrote this in 2001. Leaders for Jesus take note.

Barna believes the church should “ignite people’s passion for God and get out of their way.” 

Yes. There is an over-administration happening in much of the American Church. Build structure where there is life. When God calls you to build, then build with excellence. That's where the spiritual gift of administration kicks in.  But don't fire up this gift when there's no calling from God.

It's precisely when people's passion for God is ignited that some pastors become afraid and, out of their fear, controlling. That is not good.

Barna continues: "If the congregation is passionate about God, then the issues of entertaining the masses in church, making every time frame convenient for them to attend and constantly being concerned about the financial state of the church would go away. There would be a tremendous renewal movement in the church."

Yes, zeal without knowledge can lead to a train wreck. But, given the choice, I'll take zeal over knowledge anytime. Wild horses can be broken and worked with. Knowledgeable people who have no inner fire for Jesus gravitate towards administration. Fireless administration quenches passion for Jesus.

Barna asks, what is the problem with the American Church? He writes: “Not one of the adults we interviewed said that their goal in life was to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ or to make disciples.” George Barna, Growing True Disciples, p. 3.