Friday, June 08, 2012

Physics and Philosophy

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Here's a nice little piece in the nytimes - "Physicists, Stop the Churlishness," by Jim Holt. A few of the bullets are:
  • A few physicists recently have dissed philosophy and philosophers.
  • But physicists cannot avoid doing philosophy, and sometimes they do it quite poorly. Remember that physics (and science qua science) says nothing about meaning and value. Indeed, as soon as a physicist disses anything they have left, for the moment, science.
  • "And what about the oft-heard claim that philosophy, unlike science, makes no progress? As Bertrand Russell (himself no slouch at physics and mathematics) observed, philosophy aims at knowledge, and as soon as it obtains definite knowledge in a specific area, that area ceases to be called “philosophy.” And scientific progress gives philosophers more and more to do.