Sunday, May 17, 2009

Palmer Theological Seminary Graduation

It's been quite a weekend for me. After a week of teaching at RMS last week I flew to Philadelphia on Friday to be part of Palmer Theological Seminary's graduation. I'm the Project Director of PTS's Doctor of Ministry Program in the Renewal of the Church for Mission. 12 of my students received doctoral degrees. It was my privilege to hood them and be the first to congratulate them.

I flew back to Monroe last night. We had a great worship service at Redeemer this morning. Then we had an all-church picnic plus our annual softball game. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun.

When I got back home this afternoon I watched the Red Wings beat the Blackhawks and then fell asleep. When I awoke Linda had gone to Johnny Rocket's and got me a chocolate malt. What a wife!

I'm really looking forward to Bethel Redding's School of Supernatural Evangelism at our church this Wed - Sun with Chris Overstreet. I am with Bethel's idea that Jesus' "method" of evangelism was twofold; viz., proclamation of the good news of the God's kingdom + demonstrations of power, especially in healing and deliverance.