Monday, March 02, 2009

Maher's Ridiculous ("Religulous")

One of my MCCC philosophy students asked me if I'd seen Bill Maher's movie "Religulous." I said, "No."

Note: only one person has ever asked me if I've seen the Maher-movie. Probably no one else ever will. If they do I'll give them my best "You have got to be kidding" look. (This is the same look you would give if someone asks you if you've seen "The Love Guru.")

I probably won't see it, unless some day it's free on TV. Even then, I doubt if I'll watch it. I'm not in denial about this. Rather, I mostly only have time to read serious atheistic literature. I love teaching Philosophy of Religion, and we don't waste students' time on silly stuff, whether from the side of atheism or theism.

Some have actually seen the thing. Here's a review from a theist. (I didn't read the entire review, for reasons cited above.)