Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Philosophy Oral Exams Next Week

I give each student in my Philosoph7y of Religion And Western Philosophy classes three individual 10-minute oral exams per semester.

The third set of oral exams will all happen on MCCC's main campus, room A-173c.

Philosophy of Religion - Oral Exam Questions

1. Nietzsche's parable of the madman

2. Russell's "A Free Man's Worship"

3. Craig's metaethical argument for the existence of God

4. Plantinga on properly basic beliefs and the rationality of belief in God

5. Plantinga - divine foreknowledge and human free will are compatible

Western Philosophy - Oral Exam Questions

1. Plato's soul-body dualism

2. Descartes' mind-body dualism

3. Pinker's physicalism

4. Piippo's dualism