Thursday, October 04, 2007

J.P. Moreland's Kingdom Triangle

Linda and I returned from Kansas Tuesday night. We had a great time at the Prairie Fire event.

While gone I read philosopher J.P. Moreland's new book Kingdom Triangle. I found it a tremendous read! I am in near-full agreement with his main thesis; viz., that what the people of God (= the "church") must do in today's naturalistic and postmodern culture in America involves three things. They are:

1- Recover the mind; 2 - Renovate the soul and; 3 - Restore the Spirit's power

Readers of Moreland will enjoy #1 - he's written a lot about this. NOTE: He especially challenges the Emerging Church.

Re. #2, fans of Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart will embrace what Moreland has to say here. (Moreland did his Ph.D in philosophy at USC under Willard.)

As for #3 - I say to Moreland - THANK YOU FOR ADDING THIS! And, we should pray for Moreland, for he is already getting attacked by cessationists and dispensationalists. A note for Willard fans here: Willard strongly embraces what Moreland writes about healings, deliverances, the Spirit's manifest power, and the kingdom of God. Moreland is firm but gracious, having himself come out of cessationism.