Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Piippo - Speaking Events

 Hello everyone,

Tomorrow I travel to Boston where I will be the speaker at the spring retreat of the Alliance of Asian American Churches.(March 15 & 16) (I'll be back for the chili luncheon!)

Sixty Asian pastors and leaders will be there.

This is an American Baptist Churches organization.

My three messages:

Fri. night - "The Presence of God as our Distinctive"

Sat. morning two messages

"Praying and the Presence of God"

"Abiding in Christ and the Presence of God"

Next Monday night and the following Monday night (3/18, 3/25) I am doing two zoominars on "Two Step Leadership." This is for ABC Indiana/Kentucky pastors.

Then, on Thursday night, March 21, I will speak at Monroe County Community College on "An Historical Argument for the Resurrection of Christ." We are thinking there could be 100 students/people there.

Thank you for praying!