Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Desire Goodness, and Favor Will Find You

(Redeemer's gym)

It's Wednesday morning, and I am still in Proverbs chapter 11.

7:30 AM.

Every proverb is a meal, to be slowly digested, and assimilated into the heart until it becomes the heart.

Will I ever get out of chapter 11?

11:27 says,

Whoever seeks good finds favor, 
but evil comes to one who searches for it.

If you have to search for favor, then you are on the lowest level of influence. Stagnate on this level, and bad things will happen. You will become, to others, an irritant, an annoyance.

Get you eyes off favor! It's like growing spiritual fruit. Do not try to do this. Instead, focus on the connection.

The proverb says, desire goodness. Focus on that. Don't look to make favor happen. 

A heart that seeks after goodness is private. It does not live to be admired. The result will be, over time, that favor will find you.