Sunday, August 07, 2022

Two Books I Am Reading this Week, On a Beach


                                                          (Linda, Weko Beach, Michigan)

This week Linda and I head to a Lake Michigan beach area to celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary.

We love sitting on the beach, and reading, and talking, and just enjoy a getaway and being  with each other. 

I'm taking two books with me.                         

First, I am re-reading (for the third time) C. S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces. I love this book! I have it in paperback. This is a book I want to hold while reading it. 

The second book is my "heavy" read for the week: The Morality Wars: The Ongoing Debate Over the Origin of Human Goodness. This is a collection of essays on metaethics. Metaethics is an area I continue to read in. The Table of Contents is below.

But soon...  coffee, a book, a beach, a great lake, meals together, with my gift-of-a-wife Linda...

The Morality Wars: A Discussion on Why We Are Good Louise Mabille

Part I: The Naturalists

1. A Science of Good and Evil Sam Harris

2. The Origins of Morality in the Human Psyche Bert Olivier

3 .Morality as Delusion Michael Ruse

4 .Return to the Enlightenment Susan Neiman

Part II: The Ambivalents

5. No science of morality Steven Weinberg

6. Misunderstanding Moral Psychology Jonathan Haidt

7. The Use and Abuse of Naturalism for Morality Louise Mabille

Part III: The Theists

8. My God-Given Conscience Henk Stoker

9. Theism as Meta-Ethical Foundation for Morality William Lane Craig

10. Morality as Based on Natural Law Richard Howe

11. Ethics Needs God Paul Copan

12. Biologizing Ethics and the Destruction of Morality John Lennox