Monday, August 22, 2022

Deconstructing Progressive Christianity - Course Syllabus


Renewal School of Ministry 

Term Offered: Fall 2022 

Course Name: Deconstructing Progressive Christianity 

Course Times/Dates: 1.5 hour Zoom meetings for six weeks, Begins September 19,2022 and meets on six consecutive Monday nights. 

The classes will be live via zoom. 

Course Content

Progressive Christianity is an ethos, a mind set, more than a movement. It is indebted to political progressivism and postmodern philosophy. It has a trajectory, which is secularism. In this course John Piippo explains this ethos, with its corresponding trajectory. He explains the differences between historic Christianity and progressive Christianity, and finds the latter to be a different kind of religion. In the process of deconstruction we see key missing elements, such as atonement theory, the resurrection of Christ, and non-natural realities. The idea of moral and spiritual human progress is seen as a myth, and progressive beliefs about love are examined. In this course you will come to better understand the progressive ethos as it relates to religion, and why progressive Christianity is best understood as distant from historic Christianity. 

Requirements for Credit: To receive credit for the course students will need to: 

• Attend every live Zoom session 

• Participate in the class discussions 

• One absence is permitted as long as the student makes arrangements to watch the Zoom replay. 

Book Requirements: The course will utilize the book Deconstructing Progressive Christianity, by John Piippo, available on Amazon. 

Costs: There is $10 fee to cover costs for taking this course in the Renewal School of Ministry. 

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Instructor: Dr. John Piippo 

John is a national co-director of HSRM and a pastor at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe, Michigan. He has a M.Div. degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a PhD in philosophical theology from Northwestern University. John has taught this material around the world in seminaries and conferences. John Piippo, PhD (Northwestern University) (blog)