Wednesday, August 31, 2022

"Structured Terror" As a Marketing Campaign?


                                                        (Underside of our deck umbrella)

When you publish a book, get ready to receive emails and phone calls from people who say they love your book, and find it awesome. They want to market your book, promising sales like you've never seen before. You have to pay them to do this. I get calls from these people every day.

Here's a call that came today. The person left this message, which converted the voice mail to written text. Sometimes this process is inaccurate.

"Hi I'd like to leave a message to John Pico author of the book praying this is published in 2016 and yeah this is John by the way a publishing consultant from Venus magnet and love to talk to you John about this book because I believe this book is a really good potential to to succeed in the literary literary industry and I wanna help you map out and organize structured terror for marketing campaign for it."

If you see me marketing my book through this agency, beware!