Monday, July 18, 2022

The Work of the Holy Spirit, in God's People


                                                       (Cover painting by Nicole Griffith)

(I make reference to HSRM – Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries. Much of what we have learned about the Holy Spirit has come from Attending HSRM’s annual summer conference, and our association with HSRM pastors and leaders. The following is from my book [co-edited with Janice Trigg], Encounters With the Holy Spirit.)



The Holy Spirit takes us further and deeper into God’s kingdom realities. The Holy Spirit invites us to more growth in Christ. In The Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis describes heaven as a place where our experience is “further up, further in.” The Holy Spirit prepares us for eternity by taking us further up and further into God’s beautiful kingdom, in our pre-heavenly existence. (8)

The Holy Spirit moves prophetically. When the Holy Spirit manifests among us it is not only for our present experience. It can be a preparation for something the Spirit will have for us in the future. In this way the Holy Spirit trains and equips us for ministry in the days ahead.

The Holy Spirit speaks through other believers to strengthen, comfort, and encourage us. That’s what, in the early church in the book of Acts, the variety of Spirit-manifestations were for. How good it is to be part of a Jesus-fellowship where this happens.

The Holy Spirit produces staying power. The presence of God’s Spirit equips us to host his presence every day.

The Holy Spirit comes with healing power. Most of what I know about praying for healing has been acquired through HSRM.

The Holy Spirit builds family. The Spirit creates meaningful, life-giving togetherness. This is why I call our summer events “more than a conference, it’s a family!”

The Holy Spirit desires to conference with the greater body of Christ, and calls us to meet together. For example, one of our summer conference speakers was the leader of the Roman Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Wisconsin.

The Holy Spirit is fully available to children. HSRM teaches the same material to kids who attend the conference, with age-appropriate presentations.

The Holy Spirit assures us that we are sons and daughters of God. In a world where people are struggling to find their identities, even resorting to identity-creation on social media, the Holy Spirit seals us with who we are, in Christ.

The Holy Spirit produces boldness in us.

And, as my HSRM colleague Dr. Clay Ford writes, the Holy Spirit…

… gives us life.

…illuminates our intellects.

…sanctifies our emotions.

…refines our character.

…instills godly values and reverence for God’s Word.

…motivates our wills and empowers our witness.

…moves our hearts.

…enables a relationship of love and trust with God.

…enables us to perceive the spiritual dimension of life and to navigate effectively in it.

…makes God’s presence real to us and inspires our worship of him.

…fills us with love and makes us a family.


John  Piippo and Janice Trigg, Encounters with the Holy Spirit (pp. 9-10). WestBow Press. Kindle Edition.