Saturday, June 20, 2020

Understanding Transgenderism - A Few Resources

(Our back yard)

Because someone asked...

Here are three excellent books on understanding transgenderism.

Understanding Transgender Identities: Four Views, James Beilby and Paul Eddy. eds.

And see...

"The Dangerous Denial of Sex: Transgender Ideology Harms Women, Gays - and Especially Feminine Boys and masculine Girls," Colin Wright (biologist, Penn State U.) and Emma Hilton (biologist, University of Manchester) They write: "Those most vulnerable to sex denialism are children. When they're taught that sex is grounded in identity instead of biology, sex categories can easily become conflated with regressive stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. Masculine girls and feminine boys become confused about their own sex. The dramatic rise of "gender dysphoric" adolescents - especially young girls - in clinics likely reflects this new cultural confusion. The large majority of gender-dysphoric youths eventually outgrow their feelings of dysphoria during puberty..."