Tuesday, June 09, 2020

You Can't Follow Jesus and Be a Racist

My backyard

An act of racist violence occurred in our state park this past weekend. (See here, and here.) Words fail to express how saddened and angry this makes me. 

My anger is what the Bible calls "righteous anger." It's righteous, because racism is evil. Anger against evil is righteous. But, in our anger, we are not to be unrighteous.

Racism is from the pit of hell, demonic.

Racism is absolute darkness, and darkness has nothing to do with light.

"For God so loved the world..."

The world. All peoples. All races.

Racism is anti-God, anti-Christ. 

A racist is an antichrist. A racist is against Jesus. 

Anyone who claims to be a "Christian" and embraces racism is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a false prophet, possessed by a demon, ignorant of the Scriptures, or ignoring the Scriptures.

And yet, Jesus died for the racist, too. Amazing! 

The real followers of Jesus understand this.

What color is God's skin? The question is nonsense, like How long is blue?, or What does the number '4' smell like? God, being an immaterial Spirit, doesn't have skin.

When the skinless, colorless Word became flesh and dwelt among us, he inhabited skin darker than my Scandinavian flesh.

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