Sunday, May 31, 2020

Blessed Are Those Who Wage Peace

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(Pentecost Sunday at Redeemer)

A friend called me today. They said, "There's this guy on Facebook, who is supposed to be a follower of Jesus. He's  advocating throwing bombs at the police. It upset me to read this."

My response was: The bomb-throwing Jesus-lover is wrong. So was the police office who killed George Floyd. So are the terrorists who are destroying the livelihoods of others. Jesus said we are to love even our enemies, not annihilate them. And, by the way, Martin Luther King didn't advocate physical retaliation against people. See King's strategy in his famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail." 

Any fool can wage war. Followers of Jesus are called to wage peace. 

As a pastor, I have found wars and rumors of wars in  marriages, families, churches, communities, and nations. A Jesus-following peacemaker has a full-time job. Waging peace never stops this side of the Age to Come!

I know some people who wage peace. They bless and inspire me. They say things like, 

"Come, let us reason together."

They grieve over injustice. They refuse to fight injustice with more injustice. These are the ones upon whom the Lord pours out his blessing.  

Blessed are those who put things together, 
rather than tear things apart.

Blessed are those who, more than loving peace, 
make peace.

Blessed are those who stay when the going gets tough,
rather than leave because the going is tough.

Blessed are those who go to the other person,
rather than tell others about the other person.

Blessed are those who deal lovingly with their anger,
rather than sleep on their anger.

Blessed are the problem-solvers,
rather than the complainers.

Blessed are the understanders,
rather than the judgers.

Blessed are the participants,
rather than the observers.

Blessed are the doers,
rather than the talkers.

Blessed are those who wage peace,
not war.

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