Sunday, January 10, 2021

G.R.O.W. - Fear Withers in an Atmosphere of Faith

(Me and Linda, in Asheville)

Fear is a virus. It looks for a person, or a home, to reside in. 

Fear needs a host.

Fear is a virus that cannot survive in an atmosphere of faith. Just as darkness flees when light appears, faith shows fear the exit door.
We see the antagonistic relationship between fear and faith when we read this from Psalm 23:

Because you are with me,
I fear no evil.

Because who is with me? Jesus. In John 14 we read that Jesus takes up residence in our home. He is the One who will never leave or forsake us. When Jesus lives in us, fear exits.

Many people and their homes are fear-based. In his book Lifesigns, Henri Nouwen writes: 

"We are fearful people. The more people I come to know and the more I come to know people, the more I am overwhelmed by the negative power of fear. It often seems that fear has invaded every part of our being to such a degree that we no longer know what a life without fear would feel like." 

Nouwen asks us, "Do you dwell in the house of fear, or the house of faith?"

We can grow, and cultivate, an atmosphere of faith. It will be a fear-less, less-fear, environment, as we do these four things.

Give thanks. Make a list of things you thank God for. Carry the list with you. Re-read often. Add to it as needed.

Remember. Make another list, this time writing events where God brought you through hard times, and into the light. Carry this list with you. Re-read often.

Obey. Live a disciple's life. Follow Jesus. We learn a lot about faith as we trust him and follow.

Worship. Live a God-honoring, God-glorifying life.

G. R. O. W.

Fear withers in an atmosphere of faith.