Saturday, September 28, 2019

Letter to My Church Family - Sept. 28, 2019

(Worship at Redeemer)

(Just sent this letter to my church family.)

Good Morning Redeemer Family!

Here are some things I want to share with you.

PRAYING WOMEN and PRAYING MEN meet Sunday morning, 9:30. We are a praying church!

TOMORROW MORNING - Worship, and we're still preaching on revival and awakening - Redeemer is a revivalist culture! And, we'll be experiencing an overflow of the Spirit's activity from the weekend with Steve and Wendy Backlund!

WEDNESDAY PRAYING GROUP meets in the sanctuary, 10 AM. We are a praying church!

INSIDE/OUT this coming Thursday, Oct. 3. I will present Session Three of my book How God Changes the Human Heart (I'm now writing it - hopefully out in summer 2020.

CHRIS BAJKIEWICZ (our missionary to Mexico and beyond) preaches Sunday morning, October 13. 

POWER AND PRESENCE RENEWAL CONFERENCE in COLUMBUS, NEW JERSEY - Nov. 8-9-10. I will be preaching and teaching at this event, with Clay Ford and others. 

HEALING OF TRAUMA AND PTSD with MIKE HUTCHINGS (from Randy Clark's Global Awakening). Feb. 21-22-23.

THE IDENTITY CONFERENCE with ROBBY DAWKINS and JIM GOLL. June 21-25, 2020. Registration is now open - go HERE