Saturday, September 08, 2018

God Will Show Up @ Redeemer Sunday Morning in Love, Knowledge, and Power

Tigers Stadium, after the walk-off winning home run, 9/7/18

It's Saturday morning.

I'm about to take my sermon notes out for a test drive. I am filled with expectation about how God will take these thoughts he has given me, this message I have prayed over, and fill them with his omnibenevolence, omniscience, and omnipotence.

God is going to display his attributes among us, Sunday morning, at Redeemer.

When I shared this with someone they responded, "I sure hope so!"

"It can't," I thought, "be otherwise."

My hope is filled with expectation and anticipation. And reason.

I reason this way.

1. God has promised to be with us and move among us and in us when we gather in his name.
2. This means that when God is among us, all of him is with us. God cannot be in our midst minus his essential omni-attributes any more than the keyboard I am typing on can be less than a keyboard.
3. God will tabernacle with us Sunday morning as Helper, Sustainer, Empowerer, Shepherd, Counselor, Transformer, Reconciler, Forgiver, Provider, Healer, and more.

When he walks into the room, everything changes...

But of course.

Things will be changing in our place Sunday morning. There will be greater conversion into Christlikeness. We will be moved and touched and inspired and broken and in awe and restored and healed.

God is going to hit several walk-off home runs, setting off fireworks in the hearts of the people.

And, as this is happening, we will be worshiping. We will give great glory to the only Wise and Powerful God who is able to fashion all our ashes into his glory.

God will display his love, knowledge, and power tomorrow morning.