Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Avoid the Argumentative Person

(Kitty Hawk, NC)

Sometimes, when I've been in an online chat room discussing religion and philosophy, a troller enters the room. They are looking for an argument. Trying to bait me. They major in non sequiturs, red herrings, and a bounty of informal logical fallacies.

Sometimes, I have had to block them. This is not my desire, because I like a good argument. But I am not thrilled about being argumentative.

Do not partner with an argumentative person. Love them, but do not be led by them.

Do not enter into the arguments of the argumentative person. They are fishing for a fight. Don't take their bait.

As followers of Jesus, relationships in the New Community are not like living in a court of law. Argue? Yes. Discuss? Yes. Debate? Yes. Reason together? Of course. And always in love. But argumentative? No.

Don't go looking for a fight. Don't fight with someone who is looking for a fight. That's where emotions rule over reasoning.

Wage war against the devil, not people. If it has flesh and blood, it's not your real enemy.

Be a peacemaker. Lay down your swords. Beat them into plowshares. Convert your military weapons into instruments of righteousness and peace. Anyone can desire peace. Peace-makers are rare, are blessed, and are called the offspring of God. 

1.    Be at peace with God.
2.    Peace with God brings peace within.
3.    Peace within leads to peace with others.

"Get away from a man who argues every time he talks."

- Thomas Merton