Thursday, August 01, 2019

Joshua Harris & the Entertainment/Consumer Church

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(Josh Harris's "mood photograph")

Sadly, Joshua Harris has left Christianity behind, and has also left his marriage behind. (As for me, years ago I kissed godlessness and non-commitment goodbye.)  

For an interesting take on this see Carl Trueman, "Kissing Christianity Goodbye." 

Trueman writes:

While Harris seems to be making a clean break with his past, the style of his apostasy announcement is oddly consistent with the evangelical Christianity he used to represent. He revealed he was leaving the faith with a social media post, which included a mood photograph of himself contemplating a beautiful lake. The earlier announcement of his divorce used the typical postmodern jargon of “journey” and “story.” And both posts were designed to play to the emotions rather than the mind. Life, it would seem, continues as performance art.

Trueman ties Harris's behaviors to the rise of the American Entertainment/Consumer Church.

It's an interesting read.