Saturday, August 10, 2019

Invest in Your Marriage - Book Study

Many of our marital couples at Redeemer read Vertical Marriage together. Then, the couples joined Linda and me at our home for a picnic, discussion about what we learned from the book, and prayer together.

The interest in doing another book was high. So, Linda and I are inviting our marital couples to purchase and read The Good Fight: How Conflict Can Bring You Closer, by Les and Leslie Parrott.

The Parrott's are some of our favorite authors on marriage and relationships.

This book is filled with wisdom, practical things to do, and resources.

We're inviting our marital couples to INVEST IN YOUR MARRIAGE. Like learning to play an instrument requires investing time and resources, having a growing, vibrant marriage requires the same.


1. Purchase the book ($8.69).
2. Read the book together.
3. Talk about things that stand out to you. Share with one another.
4. Plan on coming to the large gathering (TBA, probably in September), where all couples who have done the book get together to eat, discuss, and pray!