Wednesday, August 07, 2019

God Loves to Work Through Nobodies

(Munson Park, Monroe's Custer Airport)

Years ago Linda, Dan, and Josh went with me to Singapore, where I taught at a Chinese seminary for 20 days. Good friends connected us with David and Sue Pickard of Overseas Missionary Fellowship. David was the director of OMF, which used to be China Inland Mission, founded by Hudson Taylor
David and Sue had us over for dinner. It was Josh's birthday and they had prepared a meal and had a cake for Josh. After the celebration, David showed us Hudson Taylor's Bible. That was an awesome moment! Taylor was taken out of his comfort zone and used of God even though he was out of his depths. How was this possible? Taylor said: 
“God chose me because I was weak enough. God does not do his work by large committees. He trains somebody to be quiet enough, and little enough, and then uses him.” 
I love how Oswald Chambers expresses this truth: 
“God can achieve his purpose either through the absence of human power and resources, or the abandonment of reliance on them. All through history God has chosen and used nobodies, because their unusual dependence on him made possible the unique display of his power and grace. He chose and used somebodies only when they renounced dependence on their natural abilities and resources.”
I am to stay quiet and small. I must become a nobody so that Christ can become Somebody in me.