Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Redeemer - Who We Are

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(Photo by Tim Curry)

Linda and I were privileged to be on the Robin Sullivan Show yesterday. Robin is featuring Redeemer as their "Church of the Week" (thank you!). (ProclaimFM 102.3 Toledo)

Robin asked for a brief church bio. I gave her this.



5305 Evergreen

Monroe, MI


Redeemer is a Presence-Driven Church. We believe the

presence of God is the church’s great distinctive. (See 

Exodus 33:15-16.)

Redeemer values: 1) biblical and theological scholarship so 

as to rightly handle God’s Word; and 2) experiencing and 

encountering God. Redeemer is academic and experiential.

At Redeemer we view all the people as leaders and 

ministers of the Gospel.

At Redeemer we focus on church as a culture of

discernment. Everyone is involved in this.

At Redeemer we teach people how to abide in Christ, 

believing that, as people abide in Him, our lives will bear 

much fruit. Thus, the focus is not on striving to make things 


For the past year Redeemer’s focus has been preparing 

ourselves for revival and awakening. By “revival” we mean:

Pastor John and Linda Piippo are in their 27th year at 


For more on presence-driven leadership see John’s recent 

You may contact John at: johnpiippo@msn.com.

John’s blog is: johnpiippo.com.