Saturday, April 27, 2019

Francesca Ansel Going to Bethel This Fall

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Francesca Ansel is one of Redeemer's young adults. She plans on going to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in the fall.

I asked her to write up a letter which shares what she is doing.


Bethel Fund Information


My name is Francesca Ansel, and this summer I will be attending Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. I will be going for first year schooling which is a 9 month program. During these nine months, I will be learning about what it is like to be a revivalist and lead a community into revival. I believe revival is coming to Monroe and I want to be able to be a good steward of what God is doing here. By going to Bethel, I can spend time studying under passionate revivalist and bring back what I have learned to the community. This is going to be a very exciting and growing season of my life and I am so grateful that God is inviting me on this adventure with him!

Giving opportunities:

While I am attending Bethel, I will need to be financially supported. I fully believe God will provide for this mission I am going on and can’t wait to see this financial miracle take place in my life. I am asking the body to come together and support me on this journey.

The cost of tuition for Bethel is $5,200. This will cover all of my classes and books. I will also be in need of housing and food money while I am there. The expense of living in California is significantly higher than here in Michigan. As of now, I am looking at $500 a month for rent (this will be my share after splitting rent with 5 other girls) and an extra $100 a month for food. I am planning on working while going to school but Bethel has a strict policy on not working over 26 hours while you are attending school. This is so you can focus on what God is doing and not fall behind in classes. I am hoping that I can raise at least $10,000 before I leave. This will give me time to find a job and enough money to pay off tuition.

If you are interested in making a donation or want to share my information I have a BSSM donate account which will go directly to my tuition or you can donate through Venmo. On both of these platforms all you have to do is look up my name!

Link to BSSM donate:✓&search=Francesca+Ansel

Prayer need:

During the process of moving to Bethel and while I am attending Bethel I would appreciate people partnering with me in prayer.
These are some things I am asking prayer for:
- A greater understanding of God’s love for his people
- More knowledge of the Word
- That I could become closer to the heart of God
- Revival in my heart
- A close Spiritual Mentor
- Housing
- Financial breakthrough

Contact Information:

Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions or encouragement I would love to hear from you!