Thursday, April 04, 2019

Join Linda and I As We Invest In Our Marriages

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(Graham and Hillary's wedding - Linda's nephew)


Linda and I have done many things over the years to invest in our marriage. One way we do this is by reading books on marriage, and talking about them. 

We are currently reading Vertical Marriage, by Dave and Ann Wilson. 

We feel led to invite marital couples to join us in reading it. 

1) Purchase the book. 
2) Read it together as a couple. 
3) Discuss it together as a couple. 
4) Talk about what God is saying to you, about your marriage. 

Then, sometime this summer (date and place TBA), Linda and I would like to host all of you for an evening of sharing about our marriages, and what God spoke to us through this book. 

If you have couples from your church who want to join us perhaps we could set up a Skype evening to talk about the book, and our marriages. Let me know!

After I complete (the Lord willing) other writing projects, Linda and I plan to co-author our book on Relationships.