Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Gloria Steinem's Abortionist Logic

(River Raisin, Monroe)

After Governor Cuomo celebrated abortionism, Gloria Steinem stated:

"I'm thankful to Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislature for passing the Reproductive Health Act. It will codify Roe v. Wade in New York State law, guarantee women's right to make decisions about our own bodies, and help create a future in which every child has the right to be born loved and wanted."

Note Steinem's careful phrasing:

"Every child has the right to be born loved and wanted."

This is different from:

"Every child has the right to be born."

So, if the inborn child is not loved and wanted, then it does not have a right to be born, and may be killed.

Steinem's abortionist logic looks like this.

  1. Every child has the right to be born loved and wanted.
  2. This particular child will not be loved and is not wanted.
  3. Therefore, this particular child does not have a right to life.
  4. Therefore, not every child has a right to life.

This abortionist reasoning becomes clear as Steinem says:

"A woman's power to decide whether she will give birth or not is the single greatest determinant of whether she is healthy or not, educated or not, works outside the home or not, and how long she will live."

For Steinem, and the abortionist, a *person who is not loved and not wanted (by anyone, presumably) may be killed. 

*What, according to the Reproductive Health Act, is a "person?" (Lines 44-45)

Homicide[, abortion] and related offenses; [definitions of terms] DEFINITION. 
The following DEFINITION IS applicable 
to this article: 
[1.] "Person," when referring to the victim of a homicide, means a human being 
who has been born and is alive. 

What is "homicide?" (Lines 31-37)

Homicide defined. 
Homicide means conduct which causes the death of a person [or an unborn child with which a female has been pregnant for more than twenty-four weeks] under circumstances constituting murder, manslaughter in the first degree, manslaughter in the second degree, OR criminally negligent homicide[, abortion in the first degree or self-abortion in the first degree].

So, is, or is not, the unborn child a "person?" According to this definition of "person," the answer seems to be no. But according to the definition of "homicide," an unborn child more than twenty-four weeks old (see lines 17-19) seems to be something like a person because they are the victim of a homicide.

If: 1) this doesn't make sense to you, and 2) this feels like genocide, then 1a) it doesn't make sense; and 2a) it is genocide (feticide).