Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Coming Conferences & Giving a Gift

Giving a gift_ handmade present wrapped in paper. Christmas time_ vintage mood.
Give someone a life-impacting experience, with eternal value by
Gifting their registration to a conference !

Arise & Thrive: Called By His Spirit! 
A Women's Conference.
March 14-16
Monroe, Michigan

Holy Spirit Conference 2019: Love, Truth & Power
June 23-27
Green Lake, Wisconsin

LOVE came down at Christmas and you can help others experience His love, power and presence. Think outside the box (Christmas box that is!) and register your friends, family, pastor, or church leaders for one of these amazing 2019 conferences. A gift like this has impact far beyond Christmas 2018 and can forever change a person, family or church. Be a world-changer this Christmas and bring your loved one to an HSRM conference to get a dose of God's love, truth and power!

Sponsor a woman's registration to the Arise & Thrive conference by purchasing a Prepaid Voucher for $55 and change that woman's life in incomparable ways! HSRM wants to bless women that are at-risk and in need of a life-changing encounter with the Lord, who, but due to their circumstances, do not have access to Christian events and/or are unable to pay for registration fees. The leadership team of the Arise & Thrive conference has identified a number of ministries and shelters in the Monroe, Michigan area that house and/or serve at-risk women. With our voucher system in place Prepaid Voucher invitations are hand-delivered to women at shelters and service and helps ministries. When a woman calls us to redeem her voucher it is explained that the voucher has actual dollar value, and is a gift from God through His people. Many women have never had the opportunity to be immersed in the presence of the Lord at a Christian conference. Our desire is to see women's lives transformed, chains broken, and God's destiny for them activated. We are excited to have an impact in the lives of women who desperately need the ministry of the Word of God and Holy Spirit's touch.

You can sponsor a women or two or more! 
For $55 you can help a woman in need experience God and the love of his people. Would you please become a sponsor today? You can click here to be part of this unique outreach opportunity! To sponsor more than one at-risk woman indicate multiples of $55 in the contribution section such as $110, $165, $220 and so on. If wanting to pay by check please send to HSRM, c/o Richard Baldwin, 148 Winghurst Blvd., Orlando, FL 32828.

Thank you for your love and concern for at-risk women. We also seek your partnership in prayer, praying for God's transforming power to be manifest at Arise & Thrive: Called by His Spirit! "Freely we have received, freely we give!"

M ay you be blessed in every way this Christmas and beyond.