Thursday, November 15, 2018

FOR PASTORS - An Invitation to Join Me on a Conference Call - Nov. 19, 9 PM (EST)

Good morning Revival colleagues!
At Redeemer I and my associate Tim Curry continue to preach on revival at Redeemer. God has called us to prepare the hearts of the people for revival and awakening.
Pastors - I invite you to join me on a conference call next Monday, Nov. 19, 9 PM EST.
Some of you have already indicated you will be joining this call - thank you!
My idea is:
  • Look together at Michael Brown's definition of "revival."
  • Discuss: America needs help. The real problem is spiritual, not political or even economic. (A spiritual outpouring will affect politics and economics.)
  • Discuss: the problem is not with the great amount of darkness, it's with the small amount of light. I am praying for revival and awakening to come to churches in America.
  • Discuss: Revival begins with individual Jesus-followers.
  • Discuss: Why not you? Why not your church? Why not now?
  • Pray together.
TO JOIN THE CONFERENCE CALL send me an email and I'll add you to my Revival Church Network, and send you the call-in information.

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