Wednesday, August 10, 2016

23inME! Conference - October 27-28-29

23inME Abiding Conference for Pastors and LeadersI am excited about the third annual upcoming .  The purpose of this conference is to be transformed so that we can transform others through Abiding.  What is Abiding?  It is:
- Hearing God clearly,
- Experiencing and sharing God's love,
- and Helping others that we serve to do the same.
Who are you?

You are a pastor, minister, teacher, evangelist, minister of music, dancer, administrator or faith leader and you have asked yourself one or more of the following questions: 
  • I help so many but who will help me?
  • I am burned out; when will I be able to rest?
  • Will I ever achieve what I believe God wants me to do?
  • Am I living out God's purpose for me right now?
  • I have great vision but how do I achieve it?
  • Am I really helping those under my care and influence?
  • How do I manage my family and ministry too, especially when my family doesn't always "get me"?
  • I teach love and togetherness but why is it that I don't always feel loved and together?
  • Why am I disillusioned with the church and leadership?
  • How do I trust when I have been hurt by those I am called to serve? 
If you are nodding your head to any of the above questions than now is your time and your breakthrough!
Presence-Driven Ministry
Dr. John Piippo
Dr. John Piippo, renowned scholar and author ofPraying:40 Years of Conversations with God,will guide us through the abiding process and his model for Presence Driven Ministry.
Transforming our Trauma into Triumph   
This year we will begin to focus on the impact of trauma especially among African-American clergy, and the members and communities they serve. Over the past several years we have witnessed the atrocities that have plagued our nation that have resulted in the senseless killings of people of color as well as police officers. Additionally we have seen that the church is not even exempt from hate crimes.

African-American clergy have for years experienced many of these type of atrocities in their ministry and among their congregants. Our goal is to present a healing forum to present tools for clergy and leaders to deal with the trauma both personal and vicarious.

During the retreat we will have an opportunity to share our stories and dialogue about ways to turn our
 Trauma into Triumph using the Abiding and Peer Learning Process. 
Immersion Experience
The 23inME immersion experience developed by Rev. Carol Steptoe and friends is a powerful experiential process that takes participants through a journey of the 23rd Psalm. The belief is that the 23rdPsalm is a guide for Christian discipleship and healing. Participants will be able to lay down in green pastures, sit at a table prepared for them, walk through a simulation of the valley of the shadow of death, experience running over cups and much more. During this process participants will be encouraged to pray and journal through this journey what they hear from God. Be prepared for a life changing experience. 
Pastoral Excellence Network/Peer Learning
and Coaching Groups
This year we are proud to be the recipients of a grant from the Pastoral Excellence Network. This grant will allow us to subsidize the retreat and develop a comprehensive follow-up process that will include peer learning and coaching groups with leadership and mental health experts as facilitators. The goal of the grant will be to encourage ongoing peer learning groups as we believe this is a vital component in addressing the issues of managing change, trauma and promoting effective leadership development and personal and church growth. In addition to the peer learning groups will be hosting various learning opportunities throughout the year that will enhance the learning process.
Documentary: Transforming Our Trauma into Triumph
During the retreat we will begin the raw footage of a documentary called, "Transforming our Trauma into Triumph". This documentary will focus on the issues faced especially by African-American clergy and leaders and will bring light to the historical and present-day trauma that has plagued our clergy, churches, and communities. The purpose of the documentary is to bring awareness, hear stories of our fellow clergy and leaders, and begin the dialogue to develop tools for healing. If you know of anyone with a compelling story to tell, please contact Rev. Carol Dougherty-Steptoe.
What you will receive:
  • Receive from other dynamic leaders in the faith;
  • Get direction, tools and resources for your ministry;
  • Let go of hectic schedules follow God's peaceful agenda
  • Experience the 23rd Psalm immersion process that will blow your mind!
  • Meet dynamic peers
  • Be challenged by leadership experts and identify your own model of leadership
  • Use Psalm 23 for leadership, discipleship and healing
  • Participate in a peer learning/coaching follow-up process led by nationally recognized leadership and mental health experts. (Participation in this program is on a first serve first come basis. Slots are limited.)
  • Enjoy a heavenly jam session led by master artists
  • Be revived, reignited and renewed!
Keynote Speaker
- God Almighty!
Throughout the preparation of these retreats over the last few years what has been clear is that the keynote speaker is God Almighty. In addition to all of the wonderful things that you will experience from this retreat, the most important is to be able to be still and know that God is God. This is an opportunity for clergy, ministers, and leaders to have a much-needed rest, to center-down and to listen to the still voice that feeds our soul. Today more than ever as a community and fellow Jesus followers we need to hear from the Lord. It is our hope every year that this conference/retreat is an opportunity for  to go by the still waters and allow the Lord to speak to our hearts.
Here's what last year's retreat participants said: 
My work as a pastor over the last eight years has been a quite a journey. So when I heard about the 23inME Pastors and Leaders Conference in October 2015, I was determined to go. And praise God, the retreat was a life saver! The peace and joy of the Lord washed over me and I left renewed, refreshed, and empowered to teach my congregation what I learned at the conference.  
I was so blessed by the 23inME retreat. 
 ~ Dr. Mark Chapman, Hollis Presbyterian Church of NY
Rev Carol Steptoe's experiential process of healing and teaching is life changing. Her 23inME retreat allowed me the opportunity to be me and reflect on my ministry,
life and next steps. 
 ~ Rev. Jackie Jones, Founder of Jackie Jones Ministries
As a new Pastor the challenges of growing a ministry can be overwhelming. Rev. Carol has challenged my thinking, encouraged me to grow and has provided me with a network of support that has truly been amazing. 
The 23inME retreat was simply inspiring. 
Praise God for Healing Dialogues Ministries. 
 ~ Pastor Mark Williams, Living Word Ministries, Nyack New York.
The Rev. Carol Steptoe has been an outstanding achieving spiritual daughter of mine for the past 30 years. She is extremely insightful and able to take spiritual teachings and apply them into practical aspects of our daily lives where the Word of God becomes relevant and easy to comprehend. She is a dynamic preacher, teacher and leader. Rev. Steptoe has a unique approach to discern human, psychological and spiritual needs. Her 23inME Clergy Care Program is compelling and God inspired. Through God's anointing and direction, Rev. Steptoe is an agent of healing, inspiration and most of all salvation for those she meets along the varied roads of life.
 ~ Dr. Edward Davis, Senior Pastor, Presbyterian Church of St. Albans.