Saturday, June 11, 2016

Speaking on My New Book

I'll be joining with Clay Ford, Bob Hazlett, Robby Dawkins, and HSRM Team at this summer's Holy Spirit Renewal Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

I'll speak on the first night of the conference (Sunday, June 26).

I will also lead two workshops:

Workshop #1 - On my book Praying. I'll take questions on a life of prayer, and share some of the points I am making in my book. If you've read it in advance you can bring your thoughts and questions to the workshop.

Workshop #2 - "What Is God Like?" This will be an in-depth presentation of the attributes and character of God. You will gain a deeper understanding of who God is which will impact your prayer life and your worship experience.

Plus Clay, Bob, Robby, and others will speak and teach us throughout the week.

Conference information and registration is HERE.