Friday, June 17, 2016

Claiming Victimhood Is the New Multicultural Sport

Priest, in Jerusalem

N.T. Wright, in Evil and the Justice of God, writes:

"We can project evil on to others, generating a culture of blame: it's always somebody else's fault, it's society's fault, it's the government's fault, and I am an innocent victim. Claiming the status of victim has become the new multicultural sport, as people scramble for the moral high ground in which they can emerge as pure and clean, and everybody else is to blame." (29)

Every week I meet someone who makes a choice that is evil and wreaks untold havoc on their marriage and family. The evil-wreaking soul gazes upon the nuclear residue they have launched and asks, in dismay and to my amazement, why people are talking about them. They are a "victim," and others are to blame for their transgressions. As wild as this sounds, even I have been blamed for not seeing the tragic transgression coming and stopping it before it happened.

Rescuers entering the post-apocalyptic rubble can get crucified. I am not complaining. Less and less am I falling into the trap of thinking that my shortcomings are responsible for someone else's sin.

There are real, true, undeserving victims in life. There are also faux-victims. They've been around since the Garden-event, when the fingers of Eve and Adam began pointing at one another. Faux-victims exist because Satan, is called "the accuser." Blaming is the name of his game.

Most likely, you are not a victim in your circumstances. Take responsibility. Own up to your own transgressions. Be yourself changed. When the breakup begins to happen in you, you will see breakthrough happening around you.


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