Monday, April 04, 2016

The Presence-Driven Church Is a Community of Leaders

Redeemer sanctuary, 4/3/16

The Presence-Driven Church is a place where followers of Jesus can fulfill God-given visions and dreams. This is because, in the P-DC, we don't have pastors channeling the people into what the pastor does and doesn't want, with the pastor then striving to recruit people to a vision that the people don't have a heart for.

In the P-DC we teach our people to abide in Christ. We expect God to speak to our people. This includes God giving our people visions of how to follow and serve him. When this happens, I expect the visionary person to be the leader, with myself as their pastor, championing their leadership. One great benefit of this is that, as the pastor, I don't have to hype the vision, nor do I have to recruit for it. It just happens, as led by God's empowering presence.

Our people know that God can lead them to do great things to advance his kingdom. This strengthens our church, and develops us all into leaders. I love standing back and seeing God lead our people to do great things. The Presence-Driven Church is a community of leaders.