Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bono & Eugene Peterson Colloborate on a Film About the Psalms

Is this cool or what? Bono (U2) and Eugene Peterson (The Message, and more) have collaborated to make a film about the biblical book of Psalms.

They entitled their project "Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Psalms," according to the New Boston Post. Bono and Peterson have known each other ever since they met during the band's 360 Tour back in 2010. They credit the Book of Psalms as the foundation of their friendship.

(Yes, Bono is a Jesus-follower.)

Produced by Fourth Line Films, the documentary was directed by Fourth Line’s Nate Clarke. It’s the first production to be released by the Pasadena school’s new website, Fuller Studio, a resource from Fuller, a seminary founded by a 1940s preacher who reached the masses through radio broadcasts.