Saturday, April 02, 2016


Baptisms in the river in my backyard.

I wrote this worship song for my friend Lee.

- John Piippo

C2                             G2     

Down to the river, we got baptized

            D2/F#                      Em7

Where old men drown, and dead men rise

C2                              G2

Good-bye heartache, good-bye shame

D2/F#                             Em7

All those addictions      swept away

                         C2                                G2

There’s a river of blood flowing on that day

D2/F#                           Em7

Down by the riverside with Yahweh

C2                            G2

Spirit’s in the water, water runs deeps

D2/F#                       Em7       C2   G2   D2/F# 

The river is rising all over me

Em                          C2

Death is beaten the skull falls down

G2                             D2/F#

Not bent for hell but heaven bound

Em                             C2

Monsters in the head get delivered

G2                                 D2/F#

Power of the blood in a holy river

Em – C2                        G2                       D2/F#

Save me    from the pit of hell where I’ve gone down

Em   C2                         G2                                     D2/F#

Save me          from the strong man’s house where I’ve been bound

Em   C2                     G2                         Em7

Je  -  sus          I can see Your wounded hand

                      C2  - G2 – D2/F# - Em7

Hold on…