Monday, October 19, 2015

What Spiritual Transformation Is For

Green Lake Conference Center, Wisconsin

Linda and I are flying to Port of Spain, Trinidad this Thursday. I will lead a conference for A.M.E. pastors and leaders on Friday and Saturday, and preach in an A.M.E. church on Sunday morning. 

I'll speak on spiritual transformation, prayer, and leading the presence-driven church. The real deal when it comes to spiritual transformation is about more than personal well-being. As Henri Nouwen has said, the Spirit-produced change happening in me is also for others. And, following Psalm 23, the transformation is "for His name's sake."

Ruth Haley Barton state this well. She writes:

"As we are changed into more loving, surrendered Christ-followers, we become the presence of Christ in the world that God loves and sent his only Son to save. We are able to join others on whatever hard road they are traveling and discern loving, God-guided response to their need. We learn that, indeed, all true Christian spiritual formation is

  • for the glory of God, 
  • for the abundance of our own lives 
  • and for the sake of others, 
or it is not Christian formation." 
- Barton, Life Together in Christ: Experiencing Transformation in Community, Kindle Locations 173-176