Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Our Building Addition for our Children's Ministry - Opportunity to Invest

The bricking of our new building addition is completed!
If you read my blog - thank you!

At Redeemer we are getting closer to finishing our 5500 sq. ft. building addition dedicated solely to our children and ministering to them and discipling them in the Jesus Way.

I just sent out, to our people, a letter from our Children's Leader Holly Benner. It's an opportunity to invest in what we are doing by purchasing gifts to equip our new nursery room.

I'm certain this is not for all of you. But if God leads you to invest in what we are doing - thank you!


Our children's wing is coming along beautifully and quickly! Soon the rooms will be painted, cabinetry will be installed, floors finished and organization will begin! Chairs and tables have been ordered and I personally just spent 374 hours with Jan & Debbie picking out rugs & kid decor...needless to say, I'm getting excited to unveil this space to our kids and families! 

Our classrooms are in need of furnishings and new supplies. I've created a "baby registry" through Babies R Us with specific furniture, supplies and toys for our kids. If you would be interested in helping us fill this new space, below are the instructions for how you can find our registry, shop online and even have these donations shipped right to the church.

Thank you for your support of our kids and your continued prayers for this new beginning! 


Holly Benner

1. Go to

2.  click on "baby registry"

3.  Search by first and last name: Redeemer Fellowship OR search by registry number: 57098360 

4.  Scroll down and click on "Redeemer Fellowship"

5305 Evergreen Drive
Monroe, MI 48161