Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Cosmic Scale of the Lord's Prayer (PrayerLife)

Brasilia, Brazil
I'm slow-reading, during my prayer times, N.T. Wright's book on the Lord's Prayer - The Lord and His Prayer. Wright shows us the cosmic scale of Jesus' prayer. We see that, as we pray the kind of things this prayer prays, we immerse our lives in God's Big Picture of reality.

For example:

"This, then, I dare say, is the pattern of Christian spirituality. It is not the selfish pursuit of private spiritual advancement. It is not the flight of the alone to the alone. It is neither simply shouting into a void, nor simply getting in touch with our own deepest feelings, though sometimes it may feel like one or other of these. It is the rhythm of standing in the presence of the pain of the world, and kneeling in the presence of the creator of the world; of bringing those two things together in the name of Jesus and by the victory of the cross; of living in the tension of the double Advent, and of calling God `Father'." (Kindle Locations 164-167)