Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Praying Life Opens a Window (PrayerLife)

The River Raisin in Monroe County
Thomas Merton discovered that a praying life rendered him less tense, less agitated, less needy, less restless, and more at peace. And, Merton's praying life opened his eyes to nature. I experience this all the time. In praying I get transformed, which then transforms how I experience and what I see.

Henri Nouwen describes Merton's inner transformation.

"Prayer makes people contemplative and attentive.  In place on manipulating, people who pray stand receptive before the world. They no longer grab but caress, they no longer bite but kiss, they no longer examine but admire. To prayerful people, nature can show itself completely renewed. Instead of an obstacle, it becomes a way; instead of an invulnerable shield, it becomes a veil that gives a preview of unknown horizons." (Henri Nouwen, Encounters with Merton, 46)

As much as I am able I spend my praying time in some piece of God's creation. The creation provides a window into the being of God and the meaning of my life; my praying life opens the window.