Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Peace that Transcends All Circumstances

                                                                    (Flowers, in our front yard.)

A few years ago Linda and I vacationed in Cape May, New Jersey. It's a beautiful area, with a great beach on the ocean. We stayed in a very cool, old Victorian Bed & Breakfast. Cape May has wonderful restaurants and places to see and shop. All was well except... the weather. It was cold and rainy. The circumstances were not what we wanted, because what we really like is sitting under the sun on the beach, and reading and talkin,g and listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

Such is life. Circumstances often do not go one's way. In spite of the conditions, Linda and I enjoyed Cape May, and had inner peace.

The good news is that the "fruit of the Spirit" in Galatians 5:22-23 is not circumstance-dependent. Part of that fruit is "peace." There is an inner well-being available to all who live the Jesus-connected life. This inner well-being does not rise and fall with the external environment. It's more like a thermostat than a thermometer; it is non-reactive and consistent. 

When I abide in Christ, my inner thermostat is set to "peace," even though my outer thermometer is reading "cold."

Howard Thurman writes:

"Here we come upon the most interesting aspect of personal freedom - the living of one's life with confidence that transcends discouragement and despair. This means that one does not have to depend upon the favorable circumstances, the fortuitous "break," the applause, approval, and felicitation of friends, as important as these are...
"Seek ye first the rule of God," the Master says. And after that? They key that one needs for one's peace is in the heart. There can be no personal freedom where there is not an initial inner surrender."
- 40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman, 64

Surrender your entire being to the rule of Christ today, and discover the peace that transcends all circumstances.