Monday, April 07, 2014

Ben Witherington on Homosexuality & Scripture: Seven Minute Seminary

Note: This is an intra-Christian-worldview discussion, and is not relevant for people who don't embrace the Christian theistic worldview. Just as, for example, I am not fundamentally interested in the intra-atheistic-worldview discussion about what life is like because we don't have a "mind" or "free will." Any interest I have there is only because it informs me as to the internal problems an atheistic worldview encounters. But I don't embrace and live by that particular metaphysical worldview and therefore worry about its internal struggles. (I am reading Peter Watson's recent manifesto about how as an atheist one is supposed to live.)

So I am not captivated or bandwagon-led by whatever pressures an alien worldview wishes to impose on me. But the intra-Christian dialogue is very important to me. This is an issue I have personally researched and studied since the early 1980s when I was a campus pastor at Michigan State University.