Monday, January 29, 2024

Philosophical Naturalism: Some Posts

Once, in my MCCC Philosophy of Religion class, a student asked me, "Dr. Piippo, do you believe in Satan and demons?"

I answered, "Yes."

And, BTW, so did the apostles Peter and Paul. So did Jesus.

Demons and angels are persons, without physical bodies. Do I believe this? Yes.

Why? Part of my answer is: I have never been a philosophical naturalist or physicalist. That is, I have never believed all reality is physical. 

Here are some of the posts I have written relating to: the incoherence of physicalism, and the reality of non-physical objects (such as, e.g., moral facts, or free will.) Establishing these things defeats the irrationality of the existence of nonphysical persons. Turn off Netflix and begin to read!

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