Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If You Are a Pastor and Need Someone to Talk To...

Don Follis

Even pastors need help. Maybe it's like this: especially if you are a pastor you need help. Because of the weight of caregiving and shepherding involved in what we do, and because "sheep" sometimes bite, all of us need pastoral care too.

Every pastor knows that good help is hard to find. Who can you trust?

If you are a pastor, and need someone with wisdom and pastoral experience to come along side of you, I recommend Pastor-to-Pastor Initiatives, led by Pastor Don Follis. Don is a good friend of mine, and was one of my students at Payne Theological Seminary where he took my Spiritual Formation class.

Check out his website and pray about contacting Don. He has a heart for God's shepherds, backed up by a lot of real life experience and theological and biblical understanding. And, Don is a peacemaker.

From the website: Here's what others are saying about Don's coaching...

"Don has been one of my closest friends and spiritual advisors for the last five years.  He has helped me through very difficult times in my life and coached me through some very important stages in my life. I find Don to be a great listener with a focus on helping people find the answers rather than simply giving them the answers. I am grateful for Don's influence over the years."
-Geno Olison, church planter and lead pastor, South Suburban Vineyard Church, Homewood, Illinois

"For many years Don has been a great coach for me through hard times as well as pleasant times.  He listens intently and asks quality, probing questions that have helped me to discern God’s wisdom in my life situations. I’ve really come to appreciate our time together."
-Brian Rummery, Adult Ministries Pastor, Windsor Road Christian Church, Champaign, Illinois

“Don has been instrumental in my professional development by taking the time to observe me, listen to me and empower me to use my gifts and talents to the best of my abilities.    As Don has listened to me over the past 10 years, he has consistently equipped me with resources and encouragement to fulfill my ministry calling.  I have truly been strengthened by Don’s wisdom and leadership in my life.”
-Jen Albrecht, Urbana 09 Hotel Services Coordinator (InterVarsity Staff)

"I have watched Don coach a group of pastors who were in the midst of difficult challenges and significant transitions. He himself not only lives and moves thoughtfully and carefully, but he also coaches others forward with substance and wisdom."
-Kris Miller
Retreat Director
Pastor's Sabbath Retreats
Vineyard USA

"For 25 years, I have watched Don befriend, encourage and mentor scores of pastors.  He is uniquely prepared and gifted for this.  I am a much better man for having him as my friend and coach."
-Bob Whattoff, University of Illinois campus minister and church elder, Savoy, IL