Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayer Takes Us Into God's Conference Room

Spring, happening now in my backyard.

My current, favorite definition of prayer is from Dallas Willard: prayer is talking with God about what we are doing together. And by "we," this means: God and I.

Apply this to yourself. Prayer, as Martin Luther King believed, is conversation with God. In the act of praying you are conferencing with God, about what you both are doing together. Prayer is a mutually cooperative conversation. In prayer, God and I confer about The Mission.

Many of us have gone to large-event conferences. I've been to some where God has met me in significant ways. These can be good. But we don't have to wait for the next conference to come around. We can confer with God now, today, this moment. The Conference doors are now open. Enter in.

For me, many of the most life-changing, spiritually formative times have been when I've conferred with God, 1-on-1. Just me and God. As wonderful as many conference speakers are, God is better. The God-conference is happening today. Cost of admission: $0.

Prayer takes you into God's Conference Room.