Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dallas Willard: It's All About Transformation into Christlikeness

Ann Arbor bookstore

Here is a video of Dallas Willard lecturing in Feb. 2013 on "How to Live Well: Eternal Life Begins Now."

Dallas begins his presentation by saying a time is soon coming when pastors and Christian leaders will understand that "it's all about discipleship and transformation into Christlikeness."

Real Christianity "is about world revolution, promised through Abraham, come to life in Jesus, and living on in his people up to today, because that's what our hearts hunger for, even if we don't know how to approach it or how to go about it."

Knowing Christ... today.

"Faith has never existed apart from knowledge. Knowledge of God, and knowledge of life.... Pastgor and Christian spokespeople have the dignity of bringing such knowledge to people."

Slow-cook in this video and absorb the savory epistemic flavors of wisdom and knowledge from a seasoned spokesperson for Christ.

Dallas lived well. He entered fully into eternity yesterday at age 77.