Friday, March 15, 2013

Sexual Addiction Changes the Neurological Structure of the Brain

A friend just send me this video. It's very good. Dr. Ted Roberts ( agrees that sexual addiction begins with an immoral choice, but then becomes a problem with the brain.

Roberts estimates that almost 60% of all clergy and 65% of all men in America are sex addicts.

One major source of sexually addicted people is the religious-fundamentalist home that has lots of rules but little real relationship.

See Roberts's book Pure Desire: How One Man's Triumph Can Help Others Break Free From Sexual Temptation.

Others say:

"Ted is committed to providing practical contemporary answers to today's struggles.On these pages he is taking us to the fountainhead of wisdom - God's Word. Count on discoveries that will bring fruitfulness and durability to your life."
- Jack Hayford

"There are too few resources that adequately deal with the heartbreaking issue of sexual addiction. Ted Roberts's uniquely biblical approach to healing and hope makes this book a great asset to both the struggler and the helper."
- Dr. John Townsend

"Sexual addiction isn't a minor skirmish being fought by the church. It is a life-or-death struggle faced by many. If you're serious about protecting yourself from falling, or ready to help God's people face this issue, read this book."
- John Trent, Ph.D