Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Manifest Presence

Door, in Monroe

Years ago I wrote a worship song called "Manifest Presence." We sing it, occasionally, at Redeemer. God's presence, experientially, is what we need, and what I desire.

I need more than what the ideas of people can give me; I need God. With me. With us. People don't need great sermons or great music, they need a great God. Thinking and learning about God is cool, but the idea all along has been "Emmanuel," God with us.

It's true that God's presence can be mediated through preaching and worship But when the people leave the sanctuary on a Sunday morning we know the real thing has happened if they say, not "What great preaching," but rather "What a great God!"

James McDonald writes:

"God’s provision for all that we need is His manifest presence with us. God doesn’t dispense strength, wisdom, or comfort like a druggist fills a prescription; He promises us Himself— His manifest presence with us, as all that we will ever need— as enough! We must be terrified at the thought of a single step without it, without the Lord." (James MacDonald, Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be, Kindle Locations 934-937)


You are the Lord my God
Israel's creator, my King
Maker of heaven and earth
Lord God almighty, now I sing

Come do a new thing Lord
I am finally ready, my soft heart is ready
I'm chasing after You, God
Your signs and wonders, mystery and power

Let Your manifest presence
Fall like glory
Fill this temple
With awe and wonder
Make a way in the desert
Streams in the wasteland
New wine in my heart
Spirit, let it come
Let it fall
Let it come
Let it fall

- John Piippo